Customized Representation for Seamless Property Transaction

Streamlined Power of
Attorney Services by Prism

Discover tailored Power of Attorney (POA) solutions designed to meet your diverse needs:

• Allows the attorney-in-fact to act on behalf of a company or business entity.
• Can include powers to manage business operations, sign contracts, handle banking transactions,
and represent the company in legal matters.

Property Management:
• Grants the attorney-in-fact authority to manage real estate properties on behalf of the principal.
• Includes tasks such as collecting rent, handling tenant issues, managing maintenance, and
representing the principal in dealings with property management companies.

• Specifically authorizes the attorney-in-fact to handle matters related to vehicles.
• Can include buying, selling, registering, or transferring ownership of cars.

• Provides the attorney-in-fact the authority to manage banking transactions.
• Includes accessing bank accounts, conducting transactions, signing checks, and handling other financial matters.

• Allows the attorney-in-fact to handle visa-related matters.
• Can include applying for, renewing, or canceling visas on behalf of the principal.

• Grants the attorney-in-fact the power to represent the principal in legal proceedings.
• Includes filing lawsuits, attending court hearings, and handling all legal matters related to the case.

• Authorizes the attorney-in-fact to manage inheritance matters.
• Can include distributing assets, dealing with probate, and representing the principal in inheritance

• Allows the attorney-in-fact to make travel arrangements and decisions on behalf of the principal.
• Can include booking flights, managing accommodations, and handling travel-related documents.

Government Transactions:
• Provides the attorney-in-fact the authority t o manage government-related transactions.
• Can include dealing with governmental authorities, processing permits, and handling official documentation.