Gift Your Property with Ease: Save on Fees, Simplified for Family

Streamlined Property Gifting:
Affordable and Efficient Transfers to Loved Ones

If you wish to gift your property owned by your company to a loved one (only spouse or children are eligible), we offer a simple and cost-effective solution. As the direct shareholder, you can transfer the property at a minimal cost of 0.125% of the property’s value, based on the evaluation certificate from the land department. This method helps you avoid the standard 4% registration fee of a regular sale.

Please note that the marriage or birth certificate must be attested by:

-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country

-The UAE Embassy in your home country

-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai

Additionally, an Arabic legal translation of these documents is required.

Simplify your property gifting process and save on fees with our streamlined service.

Gifting Documents Simplified:
Your Comprehensive Guide

Gifting Documents:

Original title deed.

No objection certificate (NOC) from developer.

Evaluation certificate issued from our office.

Birth certificate (for gifting to children).

Marriage certificate (for gifting to wife or husband).

Original passport, Visa, EID.

Land Department Fees:

0.125% from the evaluation (It should be not less than 2,000 AED) + (560 AED If Apt. Villa) or (410 AED If Land).

Registration Trustee Fee

4,000 AED + 200 AED (5% VAT) if the price of the property is equal or more than 2 Million AED.

2,000 AED + 100 AED (5% VAT) if the price of the property is less than 2 Million AED.

NOTE: Marriage or birth certficate must be attested in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Home Country, UAE Embassy Home Country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai + Arabic legal translation.