Streamlined Property Transactions: Precision, Transparency, and Personalized Service for Every Unique Case. Ensuring Smooth Transfers with Expert Conveyancers.

Customized Approach
Ensuring Accuracy And Transparency

In the realm of property transactions, every case presents its unique set of circumstances, particularly influenced by the method of transaction – whether the property is being acquired with cash funds or financed through a mortgage. Our team of expert conveyancers is well-versed and rigorously trained in exercising thorough due diligence for each transaction. This meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the property sale is handled with the utmost precision and care. As our valued client, your role in this process is pivotal. We rely on you to furnish us with complete and accurate information regarding the property.

Diligent Conveyancing
Ensuring Transparent and Accurate Property Transactions

Discharge of Your Mortgage

If there is an outstanding liability on the property’s Title Deed, you will need to apply for a liability letter through your bank. Liability letters are valid for 7-15 days, depending on the lender’s terms. If the buyer is a cash purchaser, we will proceed with blocking the property, and the liability letter must be addressed to the Dubai Land Department. If the buyer is also a finance buyer, once they obtain their Final Offer Letter, the liability letter would be addressed to their bank to settle the outstanding mortgage.

*(Applicable to a finance seller only)


Non-Objection Certificate (NOC)

As long as there are no unsettled payments against the property, we shall then apply for the NOC from the developer or Dubai rest application (each developer varies and has different time frames/ requirements). The NOC is a mandatory requirement for the Land Department to transfer the ownership of the property. The average time frame to obtain a NOC, once applied from the Developer, is 3-5 working days and is generally valid for 15-30 days depending on the developer.


Bank Offer Letter

*(applicable to a finance buyer only)
Once your financial lender confirms your pre-approval, the next stage is for a surveyor to evaluate the property. Once the report comes back, the standard time frame is approximately within 7-10 days working days for your bank to issue your Final offer letter (FOL).


Detailed Statement of Account

Your conveyancer will send your financial obligations before the property is transferred to you. This will include all the payments required in the form of a manager’s cheque, cash or credit card and pro-rata charges for the services fees and rental amount if applicable.


Clearing Service Charges/Owner Association

Before applying for the Non-Objection Certificate from the developer, one of the requirements is to clear the service fees from the owner’s association and ensure all payments are up to date. Some developers will ask for an advance payment, which will then be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis from the buyer on the date of the transfer until paid.



Once all the required documents and manager’s cheques are prepared, your conveyancer will schedule an appointment at the trustee office, where the official transfer of ownership takes place. The buyer and seller must be physically present for the transfer, which commonly takes around two hours to be completed, the buyer will then receive their title deed electronically, and the seller will obtain their manager’s cheque for the sale price (subject to Dubai Land Department timing may vary).